BET meets FET! We are excited to announce our 6th H2020 project and our 1st FET-Open!

“B2B” aims to generate a first-of-a-kind 3D model of spontaneous breast cancer metastasis to the bone to dissect the complexity of the metastatic process and empower high-throughput drug screening in a physiological context. A challenging, as well as timely topic, where we will work with a fantastic team, aiming to transcend the limitations of current in-vitro technologies […]

Our collaboration with Hamamatsu results in a new article evaluating the H13974 Large Sensitive Area Flat Panel PMT Array

An article on the performance evaluation of the Hamamatsu H13974 flat panel PMT array has just been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences. New results emerging from our long and successful collaboration with Hamamatsu Photonics!

Happy to be in India again!

Back from the 2nd Annual Conference of Nuclear Medicine Physicist Association of India (NMPAICON 2018) and we are delighted to perceive a constantly growing interest in our systems! Looks like the beginning of new promising collaborations!

Come visit us at the 2nd Annual Conference of Nuclear Medicine Physicist Association of India (NMPAICON 2018) at Hotel Suba International, Mumbai on 17th and 18th February 2018.

The theme of this conference is “Nuclear Medicine: Quantifying function- Unquantifiable gains” and is expected to attract around 250 participants. The conference will bring scientists together to share new ideas in research and recent advances in the diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine. The two days of the conference will cover sessions on image reconstruction and segmentation, instrumentation and quality control, radiochemistry, radionuclide […]

The new national project under the acronym “Navigate” has been approved!

The project is entitled as “Design and development of the hybrid imaging platform “h-eye” for supporting the development of methodologies and protocols in the pharmaceutical research”and its goals are: the development and optimization of a new series of preclinical imaging systems for the in-vivo characterization of new drugs and biomolecules, the development of new methodologies and protocols […]

Back from the SNMICON 2017 in India

BET Solutions’ participation at the 49th Conference of the Society of Nuclear Medicine India (#SNMICON) was a success! A preview of our new product designs, γ-eye and β-eye, was met with great interest by various development teams, especially labs currently performing ex-vivo biodistributions that can finally benefit from an affordable in-vivo imaging system right at […]

New National Project!

We are happy to announce the approval of the large National Project BreastCaRANKL: “Development of an innovative mouse model of RANKL-induced breast cancer and integration of cutting-edge technologies for the establishment of a preclinical platform for drug evaluation. It is a challenging project with very experienced groups and we will demonstrate for the first time […]

Athens, November 13th, 2017. Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. and BET Solutions have reached an agreement for the provision of Hamamatsu state-of-the-art optical sensors.

Hamamatsu is highly reputed in Japan and worldwide for its optical technologies, with a particular focus on high-performance optical sensors such including position sensitive photomultiplier tubes (PSPMTs) and photodiodes. Its technologies contribute to a wide range of fields, from industrial applications to academic research in physics. In the medical field, the PSPMT and PMTs are used in clinical […]