In vivo small animal imaging

Small animal imaging can speed up research outcomes, decrease cost and increase accuracy

Our Goal

Provision of high performance and low cost imaging systems


Highly skilled scientists and engineers with strong technical background

Few words about us

BET Solutions is a Greek company that aims to bridge the gap between ex vivo studies and in vivo molecular imaging, by providing cost effective solutions in terms of instrumentation and services. We believe that molecular imaging can speed up research, decrease overall cost and increase accuracy of scientific results.

However, small animal imaging should be affordable for small and medium research groups and companies, where most of basic research is carried out. BET Solutions is in close contact with different end users, trying to understand their needs and carefully analysing existing technological solutions, to achieve the optimal balance between cost and performance.

BET Solutions can offer on-site imaging services by transferring small portable gamma cameras at the facilities of:

Medical teams, who use conventional radiopharmaceuticals to study biological processes.
Radiochemical groups, who develop new radiopharmaceuticals.
Groups that study other biomolecules i.e. nanoparticles or biologoical mechanisms and have access to radiation.

The evolution of in-vivo imaging

The “γ-eye” is a dedicated γ-camera suitable for in-vivo scintigraphic molecular imaging
of radiopharmaceuticals, radiolabeled biomolecules and nanoparticles.